Architectural Design Guidelines

The Architectural Design Guidelines are intended to aid architects, campus designers and stewards of the environment at Duke in creating a cohesive campus. One which learns from architectural work from the past, while allowing progress and innovation to meet the future needs of the University.

These guidelines, along with the Duke University's Landscape Guidelines and Illustrative Master Plan, set out a basis for advancing a successful campus environment, building on the existing as projects develop in the future. The guidelines are not intended to create uniformity, Duke is not uniform, but are intended to develop a sense of visual unity and consistency in the environment. An environment that will continue to be memorable as Duke University's Campus.

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Landscape Guidelines

Developed by our University Landscape Architect, these guidelines are intended to be a resource for creating and maintaining a campus landscape with a certain level of consistency that exists across various precincts with specific contextual requirements. These guidelines will help to set the character for the different landscape types while also providing detailed recommendations and precedents for what has and has not worked on campus previously.

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Exterior Sign Guidelines

Developed for the Duke University Landscape Architect, these guidelines provide drawings, elevations and layouts required for Duke University exterior signs.

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