The Office of Project Management provides direction and advice on every aspect of the design and construction process. Project Managers are involved from project conception through construction and close-out and are made up of a multi-disciplinary staff with professional experience in architecture, interior design, engineering, construction, and owner's representation. Through years of experience, we have established working relationships with the nation’s top design, engineering and construction companies to assure quality service, responsive designs, sustainable solutions and projects that are delivered on time and on budget.


    Some of the Project Manager's responsibilities include:

    • Assembly of project costs for approval
    • Representation of the institution in each phase of projects
    • Bidding and contracting with architects, engineers and contractors
    • Management of consultants and coordination of user input
    • Directing architects, engineers and contractors during a project
    • Modifying scope and determining contingency usage during a project
    • Financial reporting to the Capital Budget Office