Among the many responsibilities within Facilities Management’s Planning and Design is the maintenance of various campus maps, a database of all campus buildings and rooms by size and use, and the retention of drawing and plans for all campus buildings for reference. The proper management of these documents is essential to the historic preservation of building information and is an important resource in making future changes and modifications that may be required to meet the continually changing needs of the University.

Campus Maps

The Duke University online campus map houses maps for East, West, and Central Campus in additional to the Medical Center. Contained within are building addresses, directions, parking information, accessibility, facilities and meeting space information.

The Duke University/Duke University Health System Disability Management System interactive map is designed to allow you to quickly and easily find ADA information across Duke's main campus. Information consists of accessibility routes, buildings and accessible parking locations. Additional features include printing, searching for building information, viewing aerial photography and Google streetview of the campus.

Please contact Adem Gusa, Director of Planning and Design, at (919) 660-1483 for general inquiries.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drawing & Drafting Services

Computer Aided Design is a system of hardware and software that enables engineers, architects, planners and drafters to design and review all types of buildings, infrastructure, systems and models. Facilities Management use of CAD supports the University by updating and maintaining building plans in both electronic and hardcopy formats. In addition to providing assistance for special design projects, the Department seeks to provide accurate working plans, charts, maps and scale drawings for use in planning repairs, renovations and new construction for the University.

Please contact Christina Modlin, Space Planner, at (919) 605-4501 to request building floor plans.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

Geographic Information Systems is a system of hardware and software used for storage, retrieval, mapping, and analysis of geographic data. The data can be used to create maps, charts, and 3D models of the earth's surface. Facilities Management is using GIS technology to integrate information and applications in part to help visualize and track University assets through the use of computer generated maps. Maps such as these are important reference tools that can show current University conditions and guide new construction. They are also used for utility location, emergency preparedness, and planning and also are aid for many other University departments such as Parking and Transportation, Campus Police and the Disability Management Office.

Please contact Greg Anspach, GIS Manager, at (919) 660-1464, to request maps, records and GIS services.