Energy Management

Facilities has taken an active role in reducing Duke's carbon footprint through sustainable projects, policies and behaviors. Along with the university's Climate Action Plan and Sustainability Pledge, Facilities works with faculty, staff and students in creating a more sustainable Duke.

In 2009, Facilities helped to create money saving policies that benefit the environment, such as an university-wide building temperature and scheduling policy, which reduces Duke's carbon footprint and helps contribute to University wide savings. 

Some of our other responsibilities include:

  • Utilities consumption tracking and cost allocating
  • Load forecasting for budgeting and planning
  • Optimization of central utility plants
  • Fuel procurement
  • Utilities metering
  • Energy conservation projects
  • Control systems administration and operation
  • Renewable energy planning
  • Assess the potential of new energy efficiency technologies
  • Working with faculty and student groups interested in energy conservation