Capital Project Initiation

"Capital projects" are construction and renovation efforts with estimated total project costs of $100,000 or more, inclusive of professional services, construction, furniture, fixtures, equipment, contingency and OPM fees.

Renovations, maintenance and other projects with estimated total project costs of less than $100,000 are normally not capitalized. These projects are budgeted and charged directly to the school/center's operating budget.

Visit Duke University's Financial Services Capital Budgets Office for capital project procedures and guidelines.

Initiation Process

Projects begin with contacting the Director of OPM, Paul Manning at (919) 660-4221 or the Assistant Director of Planning, Adem Gusa at (919) 660-1483. A Project Manager (PM) will be assigned and, with feedback from departments/user groups and University administrators, the project scope, schedule and budget are determined.

There are four categories that projects fall into:

Tier # Project Range
Tier 3 ≥ 2.5M
Tier 2 250K - 2.49M
Tier 1 100K - 250K
Tier 0 < 100K

Project Approvals

All projects follow a common sequence of approvals depending on the magnitude of the project:

  • Construction Project Request Form (CPRF)
  • Capital Project Review Committee (CPRC)
  • Capital Project Executive Committee (CPEC)
  • Committee on Facilities & Environments (for projects > $2.5m)
  • Board of Trustees Buildings & Grounds (for projects > $2.5m)